Free plan

Create your checklist design for free based on a ready-to-use template.

  • Unlimited use of the template
  • 24-hours access to edit free template
  • Print it any time

Pay for one template

Edit and download one template with no further commitment.

  • Premium features included
  • 24-hours access to edit
  • Print it any time


Can I use Cheqmark for free?

Cheqmark is always free for every individual. However, if you want to unlock Premium features or Premium templates, you can upgrade to subscription or pay for the template on its own. 

How much does it cost to use Cheqmark?

Cheqmark Premium is USD 15 when paid annually or USD 5 paid quarterly. You can purchase one of Cheqmark Premium templates for USD 7 for one template.

What’s inside Cheqmark Premium?

Our Premium Subscriptions and Premium templates include a range of templates and features. It includes to-do lists, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly checklists, habit trackers and much more. You can add them to My collection, check off the list, make bookmarks, customize checklists with beautifully designed backgrounds, add icons, share, print, download or send them to email, and copy and paste into you own website or blog.

How many templates can I create?

As a Cheqmark user, you have no limits. Create as many as you want when you need them.

How will I receive new updates?

You will receive an email notification when a new update is ready. Or you can see the new templates on top of the page of our templates gallery.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

Cheqmark accepts payments via credit cards or PayPal.

How one-time Premium template differs from Premium subscription?

When you choose One-time payment to access Premium templates on our Templates gallery page, you can purchase one template, edit, download or print it right after purchase during 24 hours. After that time, in case you created account and added template to My collection, it will be available in your account, but editing options will be blocked. If you want to restore access and edit your content, you should move to subscription or make another one-time template purchase. You can sign up or log in to add your template to My collection at any time on any device. You can have only 1 template under the account with 1 time payment.

When choosing subscription, you will have access to all the Premium features and all Premium templates available in your plan and unlimited edits. When you choose subscription plans, you will be automatically charged quarterly or yearly, depending on the selected plan. If you have a subscription on our website or it expires, you will be able only to restore it and won’t be able to select a one-time purchase again.

Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel or upgrade or your subscription any time.

Note: If you cancel your subscription or it expires, all templates in My collection will be automatically not available to edit. To continue using your templates, please renew your subscription.