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How a checklist can help you

How a checklist can help you

Stay organized

Are you getting lost in your routine tasks? Organize your small and big days. Make a list of tasks you have today, this week, or next month.

Relieve your mind

Afraid of forgetting something? Use a checklist as reminder instead of keeping everything in mind. Create a list of things to do when you get ready for a trip, a party, or even go grocery shopping.

How a checklist can help you
Track your progress

Track your progress

Challenged yourself to something new? Create an activity checklist to improve your life, track your progress and stay on track to reach your goals. Incorporate new habits, get rid of old ones.

Stay motivated

Increase productivity and feel the satisfaction of every job done, challenge overcome, memorable life event organized, new habits developed. You got the power!

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Track your progress

How free online checklist maker works

How free online checklist maker works
How free online checklist maker works


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Why you should use a checklist maker

Why you should use a checklist maker

You save time

Use one of our pre-designed templates from collection to make quick updates to your checklist.

What are the benefits of our checklists?

You can print them

We made sure that any checklist design you create can be black-and-white printed.

Why Cheqmark is worth using

You get beautiful designs

Visit our gallery with beautifully designed templates that you can customize and update.

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Why you should use a checklist maker

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Julia David
Julia David

You can create any checklist u want with help of Cheqmark. All checklists are printable, fancy design, and generally, Cheqmark made my life more organised.

Vasyl Holiney
Vasyl Holiney

Cheqmark helps me to organize my life - from a shopping list to yearly plans. Really excited about using your service!

Monta Vītola
Monta Vītola

Cheqmark functionality is superb, and I can quickly create my checklists and prioritize what to do during the month. It is very simple but very easy to use. I love the design.


What is a checklist?

A checklist is a list of items or tasks you should do or verify. It can be implemented in different spheres as a part of the various processes or instructions. In other words, it is a list of things helping you to manage your tasks. The ones you should do every day or month, a list of things you want to take and not to forget (for example to the trip), the information you want to find or learn.

What is a checklist maker or checklist tool?

List maker is an online tool with pre-made templates that you can edit. It will help you make a list of items with images. You can choose a checklist template from the gallery and update texts and design. If you want to build your checklist from scratch, select the layout, and add the items to your list.

How do you create a checklist?

Use our free checklist creator. It's simple to use and has beautiful designs of pre-made templates. You can upgrade your plan to get more personalized options for better personal use.

What are the types of checklists?

There are no official checklists types. However, you can divide them into three major checklists types: To-Do lists, Goal trackers, and Habit trackers.

To-do lists are a list of things and tasks you have to do in a certain period. For example, you have to finish some stuff before going on vacation. You will find lots of great templates in our online to-do list maker.

A goal tracker is a checklist that helps you follow your success in the challenges you want to overcome. For example, if you're going to watch five online webinars to improve your skills.

A habit tracker is a checklist to track your activities to create a new habit, such as running every day for at least one mile. Choose from a wide range of lists in our checklist generator.

How do you use a checklist?

Create a checklist using the printable checklist maker Cheqmark. Print it and mark your finished items, achieved goals, daily habits you track.

How to make your custom checklist?

Create a right checklist using Cheqmark. You can choose from pre-made list templates the one you like. Then edit the text, headlines, time frames, font color, and other elements. You can also create your checklist from scratch.

How to create a checklist online?

Create a checklist using Cheqmark. You can choose from pre-made simple checklist checklist templates or create your own from scratch.

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