Black Friday: Shopping List + Free Bonus Template

Black Friday Shopping Checklist

November has come, bringing with it a lot of cool shopping opportunities. One of which is Black Friday. The Black Friday sale will take place on November 26. However, this year’s event will be different again due to coronavirus. So the bulk of purchases will occur online. The most popular retailers have already launched their first deals.

With so many awesome offers, we’re here to help you create your Black Friday shopping list so that you don’t miss even a single bargain and save money. Let’s get started.

Create a checklist to make notes and prepare

Black Friday isn’t a 24-hour-sprint that happens at the end of November. In recent years, it’s a long run that starts at the beginning of the month and can last even after the actual event. Therefore, without proper planning, your Black Friday shopping might be hectic and out of control.

Use a checklist tool like Cheqmark to make sure you won’t forget anything. Just pick a template you love and put your content.

Plan what you want to buy by categories

One of the most effective ways to avoid overspending during the big November sale is to set a budget and stick to it. But you probably won’t be able to do that without knowing exactly what you want to buy. So outline what you need ahead of time and add it to your shopping list divided by categories. For example, clothes & shoes, home accessories, electronics, garden, hobbies, and more.

Pick the store names, locations, or websites

Where do you buy these products? Create a list of offline and online stores you plan to visit. But today, shopping online is probably the most convenient way to get everything done with less stress. You don’t have to be worried that much about standing in endless lines or surviving in a crowd to get a desired dress or smartphone. That’s why we created a list of the 20 best online shopping websites to check out during the Black Friday event. Be prepared because the best deals don’t stick around for too long.

Tip: Make a list of different retailers selling the same product. The Black Friday chaos can cause online stores to crash, or retailers can run out of stock. To avoid frustration from not buying your desired things, have the above-mentioned list so you can try other retailers.

Write down stores’ opening hours

Find out if you can visit stores in person this Black Friday. Since the spike in COVID-19 cases, some retailers can’t confirm whether or not they open the doors for shoppers on holiday. To avoid wasting your time and getting upset, it’s always a good idea to call your local stores or visit their websites/social media profiles before you head out.

For example, write down the following:

  • The Apple store opens and closes regular hours on Black Friday.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond will be closed on Thanksgiving, but on Black Friday, it’s open from 6 a.m. until 12 a.m.

Plan your budget

If money is tight, planning a budget is vital. Even if money isn’t tight, planning will keep you from overspending.

Decide how much you can spend. A good rule of thumb is to allocate no more than 1.5% of your income. For example, if you make $50,000 a year, your holiday expenses will be $750.

As we already mentioned, knowing in advance what you need to buy will likely help you stay strong when you see a discounted item that you don’t need that much. Try to look at the Black Friday holiday as an opportunity to save on essential items and gifts that you were already planning on buying.

Check the normal price and hope to pay

Write down the regular price of the product that you’re thinking about buying. Then decide how much you’re ready to pay for this product if you’ll find it on the Black Friday sale.

Also, be sure to research your favorite products’ price history. You might be surprised, but a huge % of products in the Black Friday sales has already been available for the same price or even less before the sale. While there’s lots of hustle and bustle, people may not even notice it. So be smart and take advantage of dedicated web tools to see how much an item has actually been sold for previously. For example, PriceRunner provides a price history for products sold on Amazon.

BONUS – Black Friday Shopping List Template

Do you want to plan ahead your Black Friday shopping, save some $, and make sure you won’t purchase things you don’t really need? We’ve prepared a minimalist and practical Black Friday checklist template to help you stay focused with all the amazing deals. We hope you like it.


Every year there’s a day millions of shoppers around the world are waiting for. It’s that time with great sales, feverish online deals, and discounts like never before. By the time the Black Friday sales start, people are browsing the websites to catch the best deals. If you want to save money and buy only the things you’ve been planning to buy, have at hand a list to make the most of your Black Friday shopping.

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