Daily Habits For A Healthier Weight

Daily Habits For A Healthier Weight Image with a Woman

Weight gain is a complex matter based on more than just diet and exercise. According to experts like the World Health Organization (WHO), other factors that can encourage weight gain include social norms, mental health, and medical history, to name a few. As a result, nearly 70% of all adults are categorized as obese or overweight. This represents a 300% increase over the last 60 years. 

When talking about overweight vs obese, both these conditions mean that a person has a BMI of at least 27 and over 30. On top of this, people diagnosed as such are at a significantly higher risk of serious diseases like heart failure, depression, stroke, and diabetes, among many others. Obesity, in particular, is linked to over 200 illnesses. As a result of this, many people want to get down to a more ideal body weight. Fortunately, doing so can begin with a few simple habits that, when practiced daily, can help you better manage your weight. Here are a few to add to your day:

Reduce your screen time

In today’s digital age, nearly everything is connected to a gadget. From professional to personal activities, there’s always a digital component to make things easier. However, while convenient, these devices have made people spend more time in front of screens. As of 2024, the average adult spends over seven hours of screen time daily. In terms of weight management, this screen time results in more pounds gained. This is because screen time encourages a more sedentary lifestyle. Apart from this, many people associate screen time with binge eating. With the spread of video streaming, many people like to snack while watching mindlessly. Consequently, a study that spanned four years discovered that up to 60% of weight gain was related to higher screen times. That said, it follows that by cutting down your screen time, you can allocate more time to physical movement and mindful eating. If need be, you can set reminders for necessary screen breaks. 

Improve your sleep hygiene

Sleep is integral for proper rest and recovery, wherein the body is able to regulate its crucial systems. This includes the metabolism, which dictates how effectively your body can burn and store fat. Furthermore, a lack of sleep can mess up the release of certain hormones. To detail, lacking sleep can increase leptin, which is the hormone responsible for carbohydrate cravings. On the other hand, this also reduces growth hormones that can actually balance how fat and muscle are spread across the body. The role of sleep is so critical in weight that scientific evidence suggests even if you eat less, you can still gain weight so long as you’re not sleeping enough. As such, try to sleep at least seven hours a night. If you have difficulty doing so, it helps to set up a calming nighttime routine. You can start by setting up a dim and cool room sans any stimulants like gadgets or food. This will lull your mind and body and help normalize your circadian rhythm. 

Drink more water

Water is a popular drink for dieters because it’s free and calorie-free. However, past this, water has played a more important role in increasing hydration. Even being just 1% more hydrated has been found to improve chances of weight loss and management. This is because proper hydration can help flush out toxins, reduce bloating, quell appetites, and improve fat burning. Ironically, though, because water is flavorless, it’s not very appealing for some. Rather than opting to flavor your water, make it easier by applying a few clever habit-building tricks. One way is to drink water first thing in the morning. This helps jumpstart your hydration and gets you into the mindset of drinking water. Similarly, carry a reusable water bottle around with you. This serves as a physical reminder to drink more water, and it eliminates the excuse of not having any water with you. 

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