Best Сhristmas Activities For Kids, Adults, and Families

Best Сhristmas Activities For Kids, Adults, and Families

There is nothing more exciting than the Christmas magic. As soon as the first day of winter knocks on our doors, we are already looking forward to Christmas Day. So, to help you count down the days until Christmas, we’ve prepared a special list of the best Christmas activities for kids and adults.

Christmas activities for kids

Write a letter to Santa

One of the best things to do on Christmas is to write a letter to Santa! It’s a super fun activity that helps your kids express what they want for Christmas. Grab some colorful paper and let the kids unleash their creativity as they jot down their Christmas lists. You can keep the kids engaged by turning it into a little craft session—stickers, glitter, and all the festive decorations.

Write a letter to Santa

Watch The Night Before Christmas

Looking for a fun idea to amp up the Christmas spirit? Watching “The Night Before Christmas” is a great Christmas activity everyone can enjoy! It’s a Christmas classic that never gets old, filled with magical moments and festive vibes. It’s a great Christmas tradition that brings joy and laughter, making it a wonderful activity for kids.

The Night Before Christmas
source: Disney+

Make paper snowflakes

Get into the festive spirit with a fun holiday activity for the kids– making paper snowflakes! It’s a fantastic Christmas craft idea for kids that keeps them entertained and adds a touch of DIY magic to your home. Grab some plain paper scissors, and let your creativity flow as you craft unique snowflakes for festive decor. Get the kids involved, and you’ll have a blast creating your winter wonderland. Plus, you can turn these paper snowflakes into DIY Christmas ornaments for an extra special touch to your holiday decorations.

paper snowflakes
source: easypeasyandfun

Eat a candy cane

It’s not just a tasty treat; it’s a sweet Christmas tradition that brings joy to little ones. Grab a candy cane, and let the kids savor this fun holiday snack. The delightful peppermint flavor and the iconic red and white stripes make it a festive favorite. After all, what’s Christmas without a sweet treat to enjoy?

Drink cocoa with marshmallows

A big cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows is almost a symbol of the cozy winter mood. Get into the holiday spirit with an easy Christmas activity perfect for kids – sipping everyone’s favorite holiday beverage! Gather the kids and whip up a warm cup of cocoa with marshmallows. It’s a simple and delightful way to create lasting memories. 

cocoa with marshmallows kid
source: Open Wide Country

Sing Christmas songs

Get into the festive spirit with your kids and start a heartwarming Christmas tradition by singing classic Christmas songs together! It’s a wonderful time to gather around, feel the joy of the holiday season, and create lasting memories. Singing Christmas songs is not only a fun activity for kids, but it also brings families together. 

Wear Christmas pajamas

For the kiddos, rock those Christmas pajamas like a fashion show – it’s an activity! Let the little ones dive into the joy of decorating Christmas ornaments, making each a mini-masterpiece. Embrace the spirit of the season by trying out some new Christmas ideas.

Christmas pajamas kids

Read Christmas book

Let kids get an extra dose of excitement! One of the best Christmas activities for kids is diving into Christmas stories. Christmas is a great opportunity for families to gather around, snuggle up with a warm blanket, and enjoy the joyous tales that make this season so special. It’s one of those simple yet heartwarming Christmas activities to enjoy

source: Imaginationsoup

Make homemade Christmas garland

Get into the festive spirit with a super fun Christmas craft – making handmade garlands! This activity is perfect for kids who love to get creative and add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your home. Grab some colorful paper, glitter, and maybe a few jingle bells if you feel extra festive.  

If you’re looking for some more creative craft ideas, check out Twinkl’s  7 Cute Christmas Crafts.

homemade Christmas garland

Decorate a gingerbread house

Prepare for festive fun with the family by diving into the ultimate craft for kids – decorating a gingerbread house kit! Most kids adore decorating a gingerbread house. Use gumdrops, some colorful food coloring, candy canes, M&M’s, fruit strips, marshmallows, and any other sweetnesses your imagination lets you put on. And here’s the best part – fake snow! Sprinkle it generously to give your gingerbread house that magical winter touch. Get inspired with decoration ideas and guides on YouTube. 

gingerbread house

Helpful tip: We recommend first decorating the wall before building a house

Build a snowman

One of the perfect Christmas ideas for kids is to dive into the magical world of winter by building a snowman! It’s not just a winter activity; it’s a pure joy for the little ones. Grab some scarves, hats, and maybe even a carrot for the nose, and let the creativity flow.

Drink hot chocolate outside

Kids love Christmas cozy activity – sipping hot chocolate outside. Picture this – gather the kiddos, get some warm blankets, and head to the backyard or the local park.

hot chocolate outside

Pay a Visit to Santa

For a fun and festive Christmas adventure, consider taking the kids to visit Santa! It’s an exciting activity that fills the air with holiday joy. Watching the little ones light up with awe as they see Christmas magic come to life is heartwarming. Whether at a local mall, holiday fair, or even a virtual Santa experience, the joy on their faces is priceless. 

Visit to Santa
source: CNN

Go Caroling

One awesome Christmas activity for kids that brings out the holiday spirit is going caroling! It’s a super fun and festive Christmas way to spread joy. So, get ready to make Christmas memories and spread smiles with the magic of caroling! 

Caroling kids
source: Pinterest

Play Christmas Bingo

Get into the festive spirit with a round of Christmas Bingo – a winner for kids! You can even make your bingo cards as a craft for kids – it’s a two-for-one deal of entertainment and creativity. Get the kids involved in creating their cards, and you’ve got yourself a super fun Christmas activity for kids that brings everyone together for some holiday cheer!

source: momenvy

Christmas activities for adults

Christmas movie marathon

Get ready for some jolly good times this Christmas with activities that bring smiles to every age group! Adults, it’s time to cozy up for a Christmas movie – grab your favorite festive snacks and let the holiday spirit flicker on-screen. So, whether you’re watching classics or magic tales, these Christmas activities are sure to make your holiday background merry and bright! 

Xmas Films Feature
source: Living North

Host an extraordinary party

Get ready to add some whimsy to your holiday celebration with the classic and hilarious “Ugly Sweater Party”! Your very own “ugly Christmas sweater”! Encourage everyone to dig deep into their closets or hit the thrift stores for the quirkiest, most over-the-top sweaters they can find. The best part? Make it a party game by having a friendly contest for the ugliest sweater – get ready for some laughs, creativity, and maybe even a little friendly holiday rivalry.

ugly christmas sweather
source: businessinsider

Unwrapping Fun: White Elephant

Are you ready for a jolly good time this holiday season? Let’s spice up the festivities with a classic game of White Elephant – an absolute hit for adults! Picture this: laughter, suspense, and even a few quirky surprises. It’s the perfect activity for a grown-up gathering where matching Christmas sweaters take a back seat to matching wits. 

White Elephant
Create Checklist

Bake Christmas Cookies

There’s something magical about baking Christmas cookies that instantly puts you in the holiday spirit. It’s not just about the cookies; it’s about the cozy warmth of the kitchen, the smell of sweet spices, and the joy of creating delicious treats. 

Christmas Cookies

Make Christmas cards

Make handmade Christmas cards to greet your friends and family with the upcoming holidays. If you are not good at creativity and don’t have professional skills, be sure that greeting cards made with your love will warm much better than ready ones from the shop.

Christmas cards
source: the pioneer woman

Sing Christmas Karaoke

Christmas Karaoke – an all-time favorite activity for everyone! It isn’t just about singing; it’s about creating memories and spreading joy. Whether you’re a crooner or enjoy a good laugh, this activity adds a special touch to your celebrations. So, dust off those vocal cords, cue the holiday classics and prepare for a night of fun Christmas activities.

Christmas Karaoke


You don’t have to wait for Christmas to do good deeds. But you can make Christmas a time of kindness. If you can’t spend a whole day being a volunteer, give your old toys or warm clothes to people who need them.

Christmas Volunteering
source: Crazia

Take cupcakes to your local fire department

It is better to bring cupcakes from a bakery or grocery store, and they must be store-wrapped.

cupcakes fire department

Have a Secret Santa gift swap

Secret Santa is a merry tradition among colleagues, classmates, and friends in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift.

Secret Santa
source: office works

Play Christmas games

Dive into the Christmas spirit with a fantastic game that’s not just for kids! Gather your friends and family for a memorable Christmas game night. It’s not just about winning; it’s about creating quality time together filled with laughter and joy. 

Christmas games
source: Cosmopolitan

Wrap Christmas gifts

Take a Christmas breather and dive into the delightful world of gift wrapping. Today, wrap gifts you have prepared for your close people. Before, make sure you have enough wrapping papers, boxes, and ribbons.


Impossible Gift-Wrap Challenge: How to wrap a football into a bonbon 🎁 #giftwrapping #ad #scotchbrand

♬ Sleigh Bells (PhatCap! Trap Remix) – Ronettes

Go for a winter walk

One of the best winter activities for adults is to step into a winter wonderland with a leisurely walk. If you can admire winter woods or mountains, you should do this. If you live in the city, go to the park or enjoy all the city Christmas lights and decorated shop windows.

walking winter park

Hang up Christmas lights

Looking for Christmas activities that will bring joy to your festive season? Add brightness with indoor and outdoor Christmas lights—one of the essential parts of the winter holiday mood. 

Christmas lights

Plan your holiday menu

Decide what dishes you will treat your guests and make a shopping list. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just love experimenting in the kitchen, crafting your Christmas meal is a tasty adventure that adds a dash of culinary cheer to your holiday celebrations. 

christmas menu
source: recipetineats

Attend a Christmas concert

Looking to start a Christmas tradition? Add attending a Christmas concert to your Christmas bucket list! There’s something magical about immersing yourself in the enchanting tunes of festive music. Christmas music creates a joyful atmosphere, whether it’s a local community performance or a grand production.

source: CFT

Christmas activities for families

Decorate a Christmas tree

When it comes to creating magical memories on Christmas morning, few things beat the joy of decorating a Christmas tree as a family. It’s time to pull out boxes with Christmas decorations and decorate the Christmas tree with your loved ones. Of course, don’t forget about your paper snowflakes. This hallmark Christmas activity is about laughter, shared moments, and turning your tree into a festive masterpiece.

Decorate a Christmas tree

Go ice-skating

Going ice skating is a perfect activity for kids and families. Spend this day with your friends or family at the ice skating rink. So, grab your gloves, bundle up, and make ice skating a cherished memory in your family’s fun-filled Christmas celebration!

ice skating family
source: Pinterest

Decorate the outside of the house

What can you do for a really great family Christmas? A super fun activity that everyone can enjoy is decorating the outside of the house together. Grab the kids and get creative with holiday decor! 

christmas decoration

Take a family photo

 What is a better way to make memories than with a Christmas photoshoot? Gather your loved ones on Christmas Eve and take a family photo. This is the most important tradition. Bring all the family together and take Christmas photos. 

christmas family photo

Visit the Christmas tree farm

The Christmas tree farm is open on Christmas, making it an ideal family activity. Imagine the joy on your kids’ faces as they choose the tree that will sparkle in your living room. It’s not just about the tree – it’s about creating cherished memories together.

Christmas tree farm
source: dbackdrop

Plan Christmas vacation

For the family, imagine the joy of exploring outdoor Christmas wonderlands and charming Christmas villages. Check out those cozy Christmas towns that light up with festive spirit. It’s the perfect recipe for a happy holiday! Consider a Christmas getaway that suits everyone’s taste, whether it’s a snowy retreat or a warm escape.

Christmas villages
source: Oprah Daily

Attend a Christmas parade 

Looking for festive activities for kids and adults alike? Well, attending a Christmas parade is an absolute must! Gather the family, bundle up in cozy scarves, and head to the streets to soak in the holiday magic.

Christmas parade 
source: bel air

Gather for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is more than just a meal – it’s a heartwarming activity that brings family and friends together. A cozy table, festive decorations, and the delicious aroma of holiday delights fill the air. It’s not just about the food; it’s about creating cherished memories with your loved ones. 

christmas dinner

Create the perfect family Christmas card

How about making a family Christmas card? Whether it’s a goofy snapshot or a more formal pose, the options are endless. Turn it into a day of laughter and bonding with activities, including crafting holiday cards.

family Christmas card
source: macorner

Discover fun at the holiday market

This activity isn’t just a family tradition; it’s a whole experience for kids and adults alike. Imagine strolling through twinkling lights, sipping on hot cocoa, and browsing through stalls filled with handmade crafts and festive treats. 

holiday market
source: Central Park

Enter the Christmas craft night

Even on Christmas Eve, gather everyone around for some creative fun. Whether you’re making ornaments, decorating stockings, or crafting handmade cards, Christmas Craft Night is a joyous way to create lasting memories. 

Christmas craft night
source: Pinterest

Family Christmas party under the tree

The holidays are all about making memories, and what better way to do that than with a festive family Christmas party right under the twinkling lights of your tree? Dive into the joy of the season with a mix of Christmas family activities that’ll bring smiles to both kids and adults.

Christmas party under the tree

Bonus: You will find an empty Christmas Advent calendar template and fill it with your own ideas and traditions.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄

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