The Ultimate Christmas Calendar Planner 2023

The Ultimate Christmas Calendar Planner

A well-organized holiday begins with proper planning. Why wait until the last week before Christmas to prepare? With our holiday checklist planner, you will keep track of all the tasks during December and have extra time left for a cup of hot chocolate.

December 1: Plan the month in advance

When you have a plan for the whole month, you get a sense of clarity about what you actually need to do daily. By planning in advance, you can stay focused on what’s really important.

December 2: Set budget

According to statistics, in 2021, consumers in the United States are expected to spend approximately 886 US dollars on Christmas gifts on average. During the holiday season, many of us tend to overspend. So setting a budget and sticking to it is a must. You can write down your income and expenses, plan who you will buy gifts for, and create a budget for each person or category.

December 3: Think of gifts

Make a list of holiday gifts for everyone on your list, or take a look at some DIY ideas on Pinterest.

December 4: Go for a walk

Going for a 30-minute walk a day is good for blood pressure, sleep, and energy. Try spending the days healthy and actively.

December 5: Invite guests

When planning a Christmas party, you will need to keep track of guest invites. Use our free printable template if you want to add your guest list by hand.

December 6: Declutter house

Decluttering is a routine everyone should do on a daily basis. Though the process is time-consuming, this helpful checklist maker for cleaning your home can make life easier.

December 7: Decorate the house

Now it’s a perfect day to create a joyful and uplifting atmosphere at your house. If you love traditions, use red, green, and white colors as a base for decorations. Frame family or friends’ pictures and hang them on the wall. Buy and decorate a live tree.

December 8: Buy a live tree

The Fraser Fir is gaining popularity throughout the United States, the UK, and wider Europe in recent years. The pleasant combination of form, color, and scent can be your perfect Christmas tree.

December 9: Ensure invites for guests are sent

Don’t forget to make sure you didn’t miss anyone from your guest list.

December 10: Order gifts

Now it’s the perfect time to go shopping or order gifts’ shipping. There can be holiday shipping delays, so be aware of the shipping conditions.

December 11: Donate

Not only do you help others in need when donating, but you also bring more meaning to your life and experience more pleasure and happiness. Millions of people practice charitable giving, which is gratifying and impactful.

December 12: Write three things you’re grateful for

If you haven’t tried the gratitude practice before, now is the time! Take your favorite notebook and pen, make yourself comfortable, and think of three things you are thankful for today, last week, or in general. Try writing in a gratitude journal at least for a month–and you’ll see how life improves.

December 13: Visit your family

Covid-19 has been an obstacle to seeing our relatives and friends for a while. Be careful when visiting your beloved ones. “Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.”-Jim Rohn.

December 14: Write a letter to Santa

Whether you believe in Santa or not, writing a letter can be enjoyable both for children and adults. USPS Operation Santa is one of the most popular services. “The USPS Operation Santa program provides families who may be facing financial hardships with a little extra help during the holiday season. Since the program began 109 years ago, good-hearted people have helped hundreds of thousands of children and their families by fulfilling holiday wishes. You don’t have to be religious or even believe in Santa to participate,” according to the USPS website.

December 15: Go to the cinema

Boost your Christmas mood with exciting movies that will be hitting screens in December. Silent Night, And Just Like That, Spider-Man: No Way Home and more will make you happy on the big-screen.


Check other holiday preparation ideas in this free Christmas checklist. You can edit the content and put your ideas, or download and print a ready-to-use planner.

Enjoy your holiday prep!

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