Freshman Bucket List: Things to Do in College

Things to do in college

The first year of college is one of the most memorable moments of our life. A year full of laughter, friend-making, and, of course, studying. You’ll move to a dorm and meet new friends, take exciting (and not much) classes, and start seriously planning your future years.

To take the most out of your Freshman year, together with, we’ve prepared an ultimate checklist with things you should try!

So what to do in your first year in college? Here are some ideas you might want to add to your bucket list:

  1. Make new friends in your dorm
  2. Go to frat parties
  3. Plan a nearby city trip
  4. Have a college dorm pizza night
  5. Make your dorm room feel homey
  6. Attend campus events
  7. Vlog a day in a college
  8. Join the school band/orchestra
  9. Get a college mascot tattoo
  10. Try everything in your dining hall
  11. Organize a sleepover
  12. Attend a college sport event
  13. Organize a Halloween movie marathon
  14. Join a college club
  15. Dye your hair

Use our free college checklist. You can edit the content and put your ideas. Enjoy!

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